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2023 FPR 現場直播手術影像紀錄


  • Day1 
  1. Akihiko Takushima-Dual innervation-latissimus dorsi (one stage)
  2. Paul Julien Guelinckx-One stage mini-gracilis for smile
  3. David CC Chuang-CFNG-gracilis for simultaneous smile and eye closure
  4. Johnny CY Lu-CFNG(stage one surgery)
  • Day2
  1. Shai Rozen-Masseter-gracilis (One stage) with static suspension
  2. Nathan Jowett-CFNG-Dual vector gracilis flap for upper and lower lips reanimation
  3. David CC Chuang-CFNG-gracilis for postparalytic facial synkinesis
  4. Tae Suk Oh-CFNG-gracilis for facial reanimation
  • Day3
  1. Federico Biglioli-Triple innervation surgery
  2. Paul Julien Guelinckx-CFNG-platysma for eye closure
  3. David CC Chuang -CFNG-gracilis for eye closure
  4. Kallirroi Tzafetta-Transfer of the anterior belly of digastric muscle transfer for lower lip reanimation
  • 11位國際教師
  1. Akihiko Takushima
  2. Paul Julien Guelinckx
  3. Shai Rozen
  4. Nathan Jowett
  5. Tae Suk Oh
  6. Federico Biglioli
  7. Kallirroi Tzafetta
  8. Andres Rodriguez-Lorenzo

  9. Chieh-Han John Tzou

  10. Tsz Yin Voravitvet

  11. Ayato Hayashi

  • 國內教師
  1. David CC Chuang
  2. Johnny CY Lu
  3. Tommy NJ Chang
  4. Jimmy MJ Chuang (neurosurgeon)

  5. Hung-Chi Chen (ophthalmologist)

  6. Sean Kuo Hsuan Hung (ophthalmologist)

  7. Fu-Chan Wei

2023 FPR 現場直播手術影像紀錄

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